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How To Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Posted in: Flowers on April 30, 2011
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Ever crossed your mind that you can make your own bridal bouquet? I am sure you thought it might be complicated and that you won’t find all the things you need for a perfect bouquet of this kind. Well you are wrong! It is easy and you will have the pleasure of knowing that you made your own bridal bouquet! Here are some tips for this.

How To Make Your Own Bridal BouquetCredit

How to make your own bridal bouquet

Before starting anything, you must decide what kind of bridal bouquet you want to have. Is it big, is it small, is it simple, is it complicated? Is it colored, is it only one color? And last but not least, what flowers do you want to use? And see how much money you are willing to pay for flowers and things, because some of them can be expensive. After you decided all this, you can start looking for all the “elements” that make a bridal bouquet, such as ribbons and leaves, for example.
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You need to make the bouquet as close to the wedding moment as possible, for it to look fresh and nice. If possible, make it the night before the wedding and keep it in a cool place, because too much heat will immediately wither your bouquet. You do not need special skills to make a bridal bouquet. It is all about estheticism and your taste, because it is important that you like the bridal bouquet, before everybody else.

How to make your own bridal bouquetCredit

How to make your own bridal bouquet

You can try combination with different flowers and leaves or just a type of flowers. For example, you can combine roses with lilies, or have a simple bouquet of orchids of one or different colors. There are no restrictions in how do flowers combine or how a bridal bouquet should look. It is entirely up to you.

How to make your own bridal bouquetCredit

How to make your own bridal bouquet

You should buy the flowers early in the morning, because that is when a florist gets them and like I said you need them fresh. And you might even obtain a discount, who knows?

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