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How To Give A Mother Of The Groom Wedding Speech

The wedding party is a time full of joy and happiness for everybody that is present. The toasts have a profound significance for the ones that say them and even more for the ones that they are addressed to. Usually, the parents of the bride and the groom are supposed to say some words during a toast. And because mothers are sometimes much sensitive than men, which is the best mother of the groom wedding speech?

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First of all, as a mother of the groom you need to know that anything you would say as a wedding speech, you will be listened to and you will be paid a lot of attention. Therefore, choose your words carefully. You don’t need to Whatever you say, the bride and the groom, along with the guests that are attending the wedding party will know that you are saying this wedding speech from the bottom of your heart and out of an immensely love.

Mother of the Groom Wedding SpeechSource

The bride and the groom

Secondly, if you still have no ideas on how you should write the wedding speech and being in the role of the mother of the groom, then here you have an idea that I hope will help you or at least give you some hints on how to write it. It doesn’t have to be long and too complicated. Keep it simple and aim for the heart! So here you have the mother of the groom wedding speech example:

“I would like to ask you to join me in drinking a toast to two wonderful people without whom this wedding could never have been possible (bride’s name)’s mother and father,Mr. and Mrs. (bride’s maiden name) (raise your glass, drink and then) Now also to my son (son’s name) and my new daughter-in-law (bride’s name) welcome to the family (bride’s name) (raise your glass, drink)”.

Mother of the Groom Wedding SpeechSource

The bride and the groom

In conclusion, being a mother of the groom has a big importance in the wedding and that is why you need to have a well written wedding speech. And don’t forget, anything you do, never to embarrass your son on the biggest day of his life!

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