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Hippie Music For Your Hippie Wedding

Posted in: Music on January 16, 2012
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You have chosen as the theme of your wedding the hippie culture; therefore everything: from your wedding invitations to your wedding attire must be hippie. In this article, we desire to talk about your wedding music, because we have t admit that the music that originates from that era is one of the most fabulous and fantastic music ever.

Hippie music for your hippie weddingCredit

Hippie music for your hippie wedding

Therefore, let’s speak about your hippie wedding music and thus we will help you find the ideal songs for your wedding reception.

I believe everyone knows the period of hippie culture, but still we shall mention it, so that everyone will know which are: the years that we are talking about. The era in which hippie culture was dominant is from mid sixties to the eighties. This is a period in which numerous fabulous songs and artist have appeared and therefore it would be a shame not to have something like this at your wedding reception.
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Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be understood to mean that such music is allowed to be played only at such weddings. Everyone could play what music one desires at his / her wedding ceremony, but our point is that since you have decided to focus on this wonderful theme, then you should have such magnificent wedding songs at your wedding. Also, you shouldn’t play only such music. In fact we believe that a wonderful thing would be to have a combination of multiple genres. In this way, you will show that in your case there is no such thing as gap generations.

But if you don’t know which singers you should focus on, then our suggestion would be: The Foundations “Baby Now That I Found You”, Janis Joplin “Piece of My Heart”, The Doors “Hello, I Love You”, The Troggs “Love is All Around”, Jefferson Airplane “Somebody to Love”,        Santana “Soul Sacrifice” and so on. There are many other talented singers, but unfortunately we can not name them all. However, you should choose from this list one singer and one song and have it at your first dance moment, in case you will respect this tradition.

All in all, you should not forget about this aspect at your hippie ceremony, because hippie music is the best and you should definitely take advantage of this wonderful theme and especially of this fabulous music.

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