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Having Fun With Bridal Shower Games

Posted in: Bridal on May 24, 2011
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The bridal shower is a very important event. It actually represents the first major stage for the bride’s wedding. Usually, the maid of honor is the one in charge of organizing the party, so if you have been given this chance, you should come up with fun bridal shower games, which are a good way for the bachelorettes to know each other better and also to create a very good mood.

Having fun with bridal shower gamesCredit

Having fun with bridal shower games

One of the most popular games for this event is called ‘How well you know the bride’. It is a very simple, yet entertaining game. You have to think about the questions before the day of the party and you should formulate them in such a way that the possible answers provide information about the bride and the groom. Here are some examples of funny questions we came up with:
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  • What is the bride’s/groom’s most embarrassing moment?
  • Does the groom like to wear boxers or briefs?
  • If the bride ended up on a deserted island and she couldn’t take her groom with her, who would she take instead?

Another funny activity you could plan is ‘The wedding dress game’. In this case, the guests have to form two or three groups. Each group should choose a representative that will be toilet papered so as to create an original wedding dress or bridesmaid dress design. You could also reward the team that comes up with the most unique model by offering symbolic gifts. Do not forget to establish a time limit. It will make the game even more exciting.

When it comes to planning a hilarious bridal shower, your innovative spirit should prevail. ‘How well do you know the bride’s purse’ is a perfect game for this event and it implies a bit of sneaking. While the bride is busy talking to the guests, you should take her purse and then ask everyone to write down what they think they could find in it. After a few minutes, start taking out the objects in the bride’s purse to see which one of the guests has the most correct answers. If you find something embarrassing inside, it is you choice whether to show it to everyone or not. Either way, this game will make all the bachelorettes burst into laughter.
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Last, but not least, we have the ‘Scrapbooking’. You could ask the girls to make a scrapbook page that will be later attached to the book. It is the perfect opportunity for the bachelorettes to show their creativity and create fun and personal memories that the bride will take pleasure in looking at.

Having fun with bridal shower gamesCredit

Having fun with bridal shower games

We hope our ideas were helpful and we encourage you to come up with your own games as well in order to make the party a real success.

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