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Have A Bridal Massage Before Your Wedding Day

Posted in: Bridal on September 28, 2011
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If we have mentioned so many times that the biggest problem with wedding ceremonies is the fact that they are stressful, we have finally come up with a great solution. Of course we are not the pioneers in this industry, but that doesn’t stop us from encouraging you to use massages as a means of relaxation.

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The simplest way would be to go at a spa, with your friends and have a “gossip” day over there. The truth is that nothing relaxes more a lady than some great massages and some quality time spent with her girlfriends, and if gossip is in the menu, than you day has just become fantastic.

Have a bridal massage before your wedding dayCredit

Have a bridal massage before your wedding day

However if you can not afford to pay for these services, you could simply learn some useful massage techniques, and then you shall organize a day at your place with your bridesmaids. You will gossip, drink champagne and massage one another, and all from the comfort of your house.

Before starting the operation of massage, you should clean your skin perfectly and you should apply a moisturizer. The cream is applied with gentle movements, which will include the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. One shall begin to massage the forehead, using the following movements: start from the eyebrows and continue to the roots of your hair. After this first step, massage your skin from the middle of the forehead to the temples. The massage is performed with both hands, using your middle fingers and small circles or zigzag movements.

Upper eyelid massage will be done with the index finger, starting from the inside out. Lower eyelids massage will be performed by smooth and nice taps with your middle finger. In the case of the goose foot wrinkles, you should massage them in small circles from the corner of the eyes to the temples.

You should massage your nose by catching it between thumb and forefinger. Then, massage your cheeks, starting from the middle of your face, towards the cheekbones and temples, with smooth but fast taps.

Lip massage is performed along the lips describing two springs. Nasal-labial folds of the ditch will be massaged by pinch, using your thumb and forefinger. For maxillary region, you will use the index and middle fingers, starting the movement from the chin along the jaw from ear to ear. The double chin will be massaged by fast movements performed with the back of your hands (one must be working with both hands). Neck massage is performed including the neck between the thumb and other fingers from above, under the chin, toward the cleavage.

So, perform a massage before your wedding day and you will gain a touch of freshness. Besides that, you will have a beautiful, bright and wrinkle-free skin, perfect for your wedding day.

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