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Find The Appropriate Song For The Bouquet Moment

Posted in: Songs on September 14, 2011
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Your wedding ceremony is composed of many wonderful moments: the religious ceremony, the tossing of the bouquet moment, your first dance, and so on. We believe that, since music has a great significance, every single moment should be accompanied by a specific song. In that way, long after your nuptials, every time you will hear that song you will remember about your wonderful ceremony.

Find the appropriate song for the bouquet momentCredit

Find the appropriate song for the bouquet moment

But, in the following lines we would really want to focus on the bouquet moment, and we aim at helping you find the right song that will be representative for this special number. Since this is a girls-only moment, this song could be either funny, or romantic, depending also on the style and theme of your nuptials.

Therefore, if you want something funny that will entertain your guests, you should think about an electrifying, rhythmic and “girly” song. If you and your girls have a special song that stands for your friendship, than  this is the right moment when this song could be played, because after all it is a moment between you and your best friends. Thus, we believe that Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” would be just perfect, if you want a funny and rhythmic song.

Also, after the lucky girl catches the bouquet, you could have distributed the lyrics of this song, and improvise a karaoke moment. It would be really funny, a moment that you will always remember.
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Couples, who organize their wedding in a country milieu, will focus mainly on country music. Well, we can’t blame them: country music is beautiful to listen and to dance to. As a result, ladies choice for their throwing of the bouquet number is obvious: a country song. After thoroughly looking for a great option for you, we realized that Martina McBride’s “This One’s For the Girls” would really fit the theme of your wedding and also this special moment.

Or, if you are looking for something romantic that will really stress out the beauty of your love story and the significance or this sincere communion, then we strongly advise you to pick Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”. It is a song that your girls will definitely like and that will get them really excited.

All in all, to sum up you will have to find a song that will stand for happiness, joy and the beauty of this special communion.

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