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Fairytale Castle Wedding Cakes

Posted in: Cakes on April 8, 2011
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One of the things you ask yourselves about regarding a wedding is what theme you will set for it. There are thousands of ideas and each time you need to match the wedding cake with the theme you choose, which is not always an easy job. Whether you will pick decorations or you will choose a specific design, keep in mind that the wedding cake has to be the central image of a wedding, especially if it is themed!

Fairytale Castle Wedding CakesSource

Fairytale Castle Wedding Cake

Not only for women but for men also, fairytale weddings can be a strong option as a wedding theme. It might sound corny, yes, but think it the other way round: the elegance and magic of a fairytale can be transferred to your wedding! And then you need to find the perfect fairytale castle wedding cake.
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It is up to you if you want a simple, traditional wedding cake with a castle wedding cake topper or if you want the whole wedding cake to be a giant fairytale castle. I would advise for the latter option, although it will be expensive and a lot of working hours have to be put into. But the result will be amazing and you will have something that not many dare to have as a wedding cake.

Fairytale Castle Wedding CakesSource

Fairytale Castle Wedding Cake

Wondering what kind of fairytale castle to have for the wedding cake design? I believe that the best type of fairytale castle for this situation is best represented by the castles that appear in Disney cartoons, such as fairytale castles form Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and so on and so forth. Even the iconic image of the Disney company, that castle that appears at the beginning of each Disney cartoon can be used.

Fairytale Castle Wedding CakesSource

Fairytale Castle Wedding Cake

For the fairytale castle wedding cake you can also have cake toppers or decorations to suggest princesses and princes, because it will bring even more magic to the wedding cake than just the castle design. Anyway, believe me you will amaze your guests and they will remember you very well with this idea of having a fairytale castle wedding cake!

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