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Essential Steps In Getting Married

He popped out the question while you were taking a walk in the park or in a fancy restaurant…. It’s a cliché: he takes out the ring and he asks you if you want to get married and of course you answer “Yes, I do”. In fact, this is the dream of every living woman, to be asked if she wants to get married, but in an awkward place or situation – the restaurant is just an old fashioned place!

These being said, I remain only to offer you some hints on how you can organize your wedding step by step, but through 10 basic points. Yes, I organized the ideas and the pieces of advice in such a manner that I ended up with 10 essential points, which I think are really going to be useful!

Before starting to share these essential steps with you, I definitely push you to ask for the help of your friends and browse on the internet as much as possible. Who needs a wedding planner when you’ve got so much help without paying even a penny!

1. Saying YES

First of all, there’s the date in which you want the wedding to take place. After you’ve said yes, the main question that should be in your head is when do you want your wedding to take place, because you need to send some invitations. How much do you want to be engaged? An engagement can be unlimited, but you get bored when you’re an endless fiancé, so think of the date but do it in such a manner that you end up saving some money, because there can be some periods during the year in which you can end up with some really good bargains.

2. The wedding reception location

Of course, if you set the date, you also need to name the location in which the wedding takes place as well as where you’re going to get the wedding reception. Think of a location immediately and book it even from this moment, because you know how much fuss there is when it comes to such locations….

3. The wedding budget

Also, the wedding day should be special – show it through the place in which you organize the wedding reception and the fine details that make your wedding. Speaking of special and showing off, you have to fix the budget for your wedding in order to know what place you can afford renting, what wedding gowns to but and how fancy you want everything to look in the big day!

4. Setting the wedding date

So, you have a general idea in what concerns the period in which the wedding takes place, but you didn’t quite succeed in setting a fix date. Well, think, think and think! See when you can book the place for the wedding reception and establish a day for the most important day in your life.

5. Making the invitations

Let’s draw the first line with all these details and get to the next step: making the invitations; because after all: you set the date; you’ve established the spot for the wedding reception and the budget for your wedding!

6. Be your own wedding planner

I’ve mentioned that you don’t need a wedding planner as long as you have all this help! You can definitely be your own wedding planner and you can do it with much success, but if you don’t seem to have enough time for doing it, then it means that you can totally hire one and share your opinions and tell him or her what you’re expecting from the wedding day!

7. Shopping

After you’ve arranged all these details, all that remains is to go shopping for a wedding dress. Start first of all, with browsing on the internet for some gorgeous designer wedding dresses. If you have enough money you can purchase a designer wedding dress, but a replicate one seems a great idea as well and you can get end up with a great solution. After you’ve bought your wedding dress, you can buy the groom’s suit as well.

8. The bridesmaids and the best man

Think of your best friends and choose among them the ones that you want to be next to you to the altar. Make sure that after you do this, you match the gowns that they’re going to wear with yours.

9. Last arrangements

Make sure that after you’ve finished with the wedding gowns and the other pieces of clothing, you take care of the flower arrangements, the ornaments and other details concerning the way in which you want your wedding to look like. If you want to, you can choose a wedding theme; it’s more useful in this way, because the details are going to be easier to choose.

10. You’re done!

You’re almost done and the only thing remaining is to relax! This is what I recommend as the final thing to do: make sure that you’ve organized almost everything and that you take your future husband by the hand and you stay a couple of days in bed in front of some relaxing movies, or with relaxing music!


If you got any questions about these steps or, anything that relates to these, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help so, don’t be shy!