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Egg White For A Natural Bride

Posted in: Beauty on January 19, 2011
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Do you want to be a natural bride? Well, here’s how an egg can help you….

Did you know that an egg contains 86% of the necessary ingredients for the human metabolism and its proteins have been like an important factor for the evolution of the human species? Its rich contain in asparaginic acid, extremely easy to be absorbed from the egg white, revitalizes the functions of the hematogen tissue.

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This discovery of the British biologists makes the egg white to be recommended in anemia, but in also in some treatments of the syndromes of dysfunctions of the humanitarian system.

Also consuming the egg white diminishes the risk of ulcer and colon cancer. It reduces with 60% the possibility of apparition of some glandular problems, like those of pancreas.

The minimum contain of glutamic acid from the egg white is a permanent source of vitality of the cerebral cover, diminishing the risk of neurotic problems and apparition of some psychosis. So, it has benefic effect and in internal use and in external use as well. In most of the cases we simply don’t think of how useful are some simple tricks for beautifying the complexion. In many cases the solution of a gorgeous complexion is not encountered in all the creams, which are gorgeously wrapped, but in our own kitchen.

Generally, the egg white has a lifting effect. For an immediate effect of stretch of the skin, you should apply the egg white and then let it action up to the moment in which it gets dried. Actually, the specialists say that this treatment is a rapid and cheap option of the treatment with Botox. Also, the egg white in combination with other ingredients has miraculous effects.

A great mixture for offering the affected skin a normal aspect…. The recipe isn’t hard at all and it doesn’t need too much time for being prepared: it’s mixed with a teaspoon of honey, half a spoon of lemon juice and then it’s applied on the face. It lets to act for 20 or 30 minutes after which it’s removed with lots of water.

It’s as good for the complexion from the dead cells. In order to eliminate the layer of dead cells we mix the egg white with two teaspoons of corn flower. After it dries we rub with a fine and smooth canvas and then we wash the complexion with warm water.

Other modalities of blending different ingredients with the egg white are the following….

A really good mixture is prepared with yolk and honey and olive oil or sunflower. It’s prepared mixing the yolk with a teaspoon of honey and a spoon of oil.

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