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Different Wedding Shoes

Posted in: Shoes on February 11, 2011
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The wedding shoes that you decide to wear in the wedding day are certainly essential in order to make your outfit complete. Not only are these going to confer you a special look, but in the same time they’re going to be your all day partners in the biggest event in your lifetime. The main thing for wedding shoes is that they look glamorous, but in the same time you have to make sure that they’re comfortable or that you’re able to stand on them all day long!

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The first pair of wedding shoes that we want to start with is in fact a pair of high heel sandals made in silver tone, which is appropriate to be worn with the wedding dress.

You’re going to be able to wear this pair of wedding shoes in the wedding day, a warm wedding day…. They’re made with two main details: the glittery barrettes in the front side and that around the ankle, which will make them stand still on your leg.

Silver wedding shoes

Silver wedding shoes

If silver wedding shoes don’t seem tempting enough to you, then a pair of black wedding shoes will do the thing! We’re speaking about a pair of black sandals with silver applications on the front side of the main barrette. The other thing that we want to relate to is the ribbon detail, which is done with the help of a black ribbon and this is the way in which the closure of the sandal is realized. Another thing that we need to add is related to the thin heel in the back side, which seems to us really comfortable due to its length.

Black wedding shoes

Black wedding shoes

The ankle closure may seem like an impediment to some brides and that’s why they apply for normal shoes with heels. Like in the case of these silver wedding shoes that are realized with interesting details on the front side of the barrette and that’s about all surrounding them. The other thing that needs to be mentioned is related to the thin heel in the back side, which is not that tall and this is what makes your shoes be really comfortable!

Silver wedding shoes

Silver wedding shoes

From wedding shoes without ankle closure, we jump to the ones that are completely opposite, meaning that they have ankle closure and especially done with thin lace. In the front side you can observe the thin barrette, which has glittery details on and we’re certain that you’re going to love wearing such a pair of silver wedding shoes!

silver wedding shoes

Silver wedding shoes

When it comes to wedding shoes you’re able to observe that they’re realized in white, silver or even black tones in most of the cases, but it’s not a general rule as we’ve suggested in some reviews back interesting models of colored wedding shoes.

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