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Best Wedding Favors: Wine Stopper Wedding Favors

Posted in: Favors on March 18, 2011
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Wine stoppers are the devices that are used with bottles after they are opened to prevent the wine from spoiling. Because of this, wine stoppers are a common wedding favor. Many newly wed couples prefer to give away wine stoppers as gifts, because they are very useful and are quite cheap actually. But what kinds of wine stopper wedding favors are out there available?

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The answer to this question is very simple: you have no idea how many. Wine stopper crafters come with new ideas daily. There are thousands maybe of wine stopper wedding favors. They are made according to several aspects: the type of wedding, if the wedding has a special theme, the type of materials used and any other aspects the client asks for.

Wine Stopper Wedding FavorsSource

Wine stopper wedding favors

Therefore, for themed weddings, wine stopper wedding favors can include elements such as starfish for beach themed weddings or autumn leaves for autumn themed weddings, for example. If you want to offer wine stopper wedding favors that are not related to any theme, then there are two main ways to do that: wine stoppers with hearts or having the name of the newly wedded couple embedded in them. With these two things in mind, you will not make a mistake. It is the easiest way, but also the most common. So it depends on you what kind of wine stopper wedding favor you prefer.

The materials used with wine stoppers are usually chrome, stainless steel, copper finished and others. The prices vary due to material or materials used and complexity of the design. Some companies that are specialized in wine stopper wedding favors are able to take orders for personalized wine stoppers, meaning they are able to make specific wine stoppers after what design you provide.

Wine stopper wedding favorsSource

Wine stopper wedding favors

But I am sure you understand that this means extra money and an order placed with a lot of time before the wedding ceremony. The prices for a simple, ordinary wine stopper wedding favors begins somewhere around the price of one dollar and it rises due to the aspects I mentioned earlier.

Perhaps apart from all the wedding favors that are out there, wine stopper wedding favors are the most used. They come in handy for anybody and they are good with most types of bottles, not only for the wine ones. They make a very nice decor for bottles and are also good reminders of your wedding ceremony.

Wine stopper wedding favorsSource

Wine stopper wedding favors

Therefore, before deciding what kind of wedding favors you prefer for your wedding, give the wine stopper wedding favors a thought and see which kind would best suit your wedding ceremony.

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