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Best Bridal Shower Favors

Posted in: Favors on April 19, 2011
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Bridal showers or bachelorette parties are the events when usually girls celebrate the future marriage of another girl. This is the last time before she will be just a girlfriend or a fiancé, because soon she will become a wife to a man she decided to spend her whole life with. And at the end of the party, a bride usually gives away to everybody present bridal shower favors. But which are the best ones?

Bridal Shower FavorsCredit

Bridal shower favors

If you worry that you will not find the perfect bridal shower favors, then you are very wrong. Bridal shower favors are as many as the wedding favors and some of the favors that can be used are common to these two. Usually bridal shower favors have low prices, starting from only one dollar and rising up to 20, 30, 40 or more dollars. But that can happen only if you decide to give away favors made out of gold or that have precious crystals and so on and so forth, which very rare is the case. The idea of a bridal shower favor is to be a cute reminder of the party, not to overwhelm the guests with I don’t know what precious and expensive thing. Keep in mind, the idea and the gesture itself are much more important in the end!
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Ok, so bridal shower favors can be of hundreds of types, but the most common ones are the wine stoppers, the candles, the glass coasters and the bonbons. But if you want to go with something special to amaze your guests, you can choose a different kind of bridal shower favors, such as miniature watering cans, elegant mirror compacts, sugar tongs, manicure kits, scented soaps, coffee with scoops and so on and so forth.

Bridal shower favorsCredit

Bridal shower favors

Of course, each and every bridal shower favors need to be personalized with the date of the bridal shower and the name of the future bride. And keep in mind, the more original the favors are, the more your party will be remembered!

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