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Beach Themed Wedding Favors As Lovely Gifts

Posted in: Favors on March 17, 2011
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What is better than a wedding ceremony on a beach? Beach weddings are fabulous! If you pick a beautiful island, with white sand, green coconut trees and a deep blue sea, then I am sure you will have a perfect wedding ceremony! But what kind of beach themed wedding favors should you buy?

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Although you might worry when trying to make a choice, beach themed wedding favors are easily to get, they are cheap and there is a wide variety of this kind of wedding favors. And I am certain that your guests will love the beach themed wedding favors if you choose them well!

Beach Themed Wedding FavorsSource

Beach themed wedding favors

Therefore, what types of beach themed wedding favors are out there? The answer is very simple: there are thousands of examples that need to be taken into consideration if you want to buy this kind of wedding favors. The most common gift that is given as beach themed wedding favors are little scented candles with decorations that make you think about sea and beaches. In relation to this, know that there are engraved seashells, custom made after the name of the couple that is getting married.

You can also give away lip balms or sunscreen lotions that have stickers with a beach theme, such as starfish, sea waves, fish and many other things. And these are very appropriate as gifts for a wedding ceremony at the sea side. You never know when you need them, especially in this kind of occasions.

Talking about starfish, great beach themed wedding favors make starfish! They are easy to find and purchase and are beautiful with their fragility and delicacy. But be very careful not to break them, because there are very frail. And of course you cannot offer as a gift something that it is broken or damaged.

Beach Themed Wedding FavorsSource

Beach Themed Wedding Favors

A common but very nice beach themed wedding favor will make a picture frame embedded with seashells and sand mostly. They look really pretty and can be offered with a picture of the bride and the groom, as a memory.

There are options for people that have a sweet tooth too! For example, you can buy beach themed mint tins or little coin or starfish shaped chocolates. Another gift for the ladies can be consisted of beach themed wedding fans, which are very elegant and come in handy in a hot weather. And for men, starfish wine stoppers!

See? And you thought you did not have many options for beach themed wedding favors. On the contrary, as you can see. Each of these gifts will please your guests and they will also be in the spirit of the type of wedding you chose, on a wonderful beach!

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