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Basic Rules For An Open Air Wedding Venue

Posted in: Venues on August 27, 2011
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The reduced prices, the possibility of satisfying your own needs when it comes to the décor and the generous space are only some of the advantages that are to be taken into account when it comes to an open air wedding venue. We thought that it would be a marvelous idea to explore together such details and idea for the moment of your wedding reception. In the following lines you’re going to read some hints and suggestions that will turn out to be just great when it comes to this kind of party, but we share these step by step so that we make things easier for you!

basic rules for an open air wedding venueCredit

Open air wedding venue

So, here’s the first step: make sure that the space of the wedding venue has a pleasant landscape nearby and that you exploit it as much as possible. The tables of the wedding reception and the guests need to be disposed in such a manner as to have an interesting view. Also, don’t forget about the dance floor – these are issues that need to be taken into account clearly and you shouldn’t omit them.

basic rules for an open air wedding venueCredit

Open air wedding venue

The next phase is to clean the open air wedding venue with attention, making sure that you eliminate all the toys(if you have children), bicycles and maybe the grill, if there are such details – don’t forget that you need all the space in the world when it comes to the bridal day.

In a month before the wedding reception you need to make sure that you take care of all the plants and make the space look clean and taken care of. In the case in which this spot is adorned with flowers, you can also add some of your arrangements in the night before the grand day.

Use ivy, lace and flowers for making the terrace look even greater. The main idea is to adorn the arcade with centerpieces, also during the night before the bridal day.

Another idea would be to opt for table sheets that are designed in the colors of your wedding reception. Don’t forget to make the image complete with centerpieces that are composed of candles or flowers.

Use different lighting elements that are meant to be placed on the dance floor, next to some supports that are elegant and in which you can put candles.
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