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Appropriate And Inappropriate Wedding Cake Decorations

Posted in: Cakes on September 13, 2011
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Your wedding cake decorations must mesmerize your audience, i.e. your guests and if possible they must be edible, because all your wedding attendants must eat a piece of cake. But, since we have started to talk about this topic, let’s get deeper and let’s discuss the suitable and the inappropriate cake decorations.

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Flowers represent popular wedding accessories; therefore it would be clever of you if you would use them on your cake too. The fact is that couples have so many great options when they choose flowers as their cake decorations, that it would be a petty not to trim your cake with them.

Thus, decide if you want to have a colourful wedding atmosphere or a more delicate and feminine one, and then discuss with your wedding cake designer, in order to make him / her provide you the best cake for your nuptials.

However, it would be quite inappropriate if you would trim your cake with flowers, when your wedding ceremony will focus on butterflies or maybe on candles. It is not a mistake if someone would mingle these accessories, but it would be better if they would be combined throughout the whole ceremony.

Appropriate and inappropriate wedding cake decorationsCredit

Wedding cake decorations

In some occasions, tasty and exquisite fruits, such as strawberries, could be the decorations of your wedding cake. For a more beautiful and even delicious appearance, you may cover the fruits in chocolate, and thus you wedding cake would perfectly emphasize the delicious fruits theme.

However, these design and decorations aren’t quite elegant, so it would be preferable if you would choose it only for some small ceremonies, with a few guests, such as your family and closest friends.

Appropriate and inappropriate wedding cake decorationsCredit

Wedding cake decorations

Or, your wedding cake may be decorated with several edible jewelleries in order to show the importance of these luxurious items at your wedding. Besides the luxurious aspect, the happy couple getting married will achieve the goal of having a unique wedding cake.

But, you should consider picking a neuter colour for your cake, because otherwise these elements, regardless of their elegance, will become devoid of glamour, style and beauty.

Appropriate and inappropriate wedding cake decorationsCredit

Appropriate and inappropriate wedding cake decorations

So, take into consideration various aspects before choosing the suitable wedding cake decorations.

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