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Acquire A Long Lasting Bridal Makeup

Posted in: Beauty on September 28, 2011
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Everyone stresses out the importance of having a wonderful bridal makeup because it totally adds a big plus to your appearance. But what matters the most is having a resistant and long lasting makeup that won’t disappoint you and that will guarantee you a magnificent bridal look.

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The following recommendations are very appropriate, because everyone has experienced a bad makeup with “signs of fatigue” at least one time in their life. Besides that, if you will get married in summer time, then you will most definitely need a very durable makeup that will help you exhibit a great and fresh look.

Acquire a long lasting bridal makeupCredit

Acquire a long lasting bridal makeup

But, enough with the talking and let’s offer you our pieces of advice. If you have a mixed or oily skin, use a makeup based on properties to absorb and control sebum. Also, your makeup base should be smooth, in order not to overload the pores. A liquid foundation, applied only where necessary (usually in “the T zone”: forehead, nose, chin) should be sufficient. Then, use your concealer stick, also in a thin layer (in this way will have a longer lasting makeup).

Use just a little bit of loose powder and you will see that it will do wonders in terms of fixing makeup and maintaining control of seborrheic secretion. Choose a translucent product, perhaps with a shade of yellow, which provides extra skin natural glow.

For eye makeup, apply a fine base here (creamy foundation is the most recommended), then use the appropriate shadow.

Acquire a long lasting bridal makeupCredit

Acquire a long lasting bridal makeup

Optionally, you can use loose powder, as it helps at maintaining the makeup. The ink eyeliner hasn’t got too much endurance, so on hot days it is recommended to avoid it. However, waterproof mascara is highly indicated.

For cheeks it is also indicated to use a cream blush. Choose a neutral color (peach, for example) and, as far as quantity is concerned, you should not overdo it. Sometimes, due to the heat you may slightly redden.

Acquire a long lasting bridal makeupCredit

Acquire a long lasting bridal makeup

So, it seems that even if you will get married in summer time, there are some tips and tricks that wick prevent your makeup form fading away. All in all, take these suggestions into consideration, and you will surely be a wonderful bride with afresh, and magnificent look.

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