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It’s indeed awful when you encounter yourself in the situation of organizing a wedding and you don’t have all the pieces of information needed. Many successful characters on the actual bridal fashion stage started in this point: they were searching for something in particular and they didn’t quite succeed in getting it so they acted!

You can be one of them as well, it’s only a matter of will. Of course, I cannot compare to people like Vera Wang, who started her business in the urge of changing the scene of the bridal fashion, but I certainly can learn from her.

The only thing is that you believe in your ideas, but this isn’t all! You have to browse here and there in order to end up with a really interesting “plan” and on top of all, don’t forget about what you want and what you “dream” your wedding should look like. When I say “here and there” I refer to different spots as well as the opinions of the ones surrounding you, an external opinion can seem pretty useful as long as it’s related to what you want….

I sincerely think that planning a wedding isn’t that hard as long as you know where to start from and what you should expect, and when I say expectations I mean that you don’t have to loose yourself on the way….

Wedding planners earn lots of money on our backs and they’re really helpful if we come to think of it – the only thing is that you save some sums and you can do it with these pieces of information.

I got to the moment in which I had to offer pieces of advice to my friends concerning the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Besides the fact that you have to know what’s in trend at the level of weddings you also have to have a sense of fashion in general and have a general idea of what’s fashionable or what isn’t.

Another important thing is to follow your instincts! If you feel that a particular theme may suit you and your husband for the big day then go for it, but read our suggestions as well because they may seem useful at some level.

Don’t forget! The main thing when it comes to weddings is that you have a very useful plan at the basis and start using your imagination as much as possible. Extra help can be obtained here and whatever you feel like asking, just do it!

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