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A Surprising Wedding Proposal For My Sweetheart

Posted in: General Info on January 26, 2012
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Even if you have long been discussing the possibility of a wedding taking place in the near future, the wedding proposal should always be a surprise. Why? Well, this is how every girl would like to be asked to get married. Even if women like to know everything, the truth is that they would prefer to know nothing about when and how they will be proposed like.

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In order to make sure that everything will be kept a surprise, you should have less: accomplices. You could never know who might spoil everything and who might reveal your big surprise. Thus, my dear ones be as silent as possible and try not to have your plan discovered.

Romantic and surprising proposalCredit

Romantic and surprising proposal

The most romantic way, would definitely be to take your girlfriend in a beautiful place and then you should pop the question. In case you didn’t know, besides complete ignorance of this moment, girls would like to have romance as well. And who could blame them? This is a very important moment, for both of you, so you would better make your girl remember it forever.

But, if you can not make it grand, at least make it cute, simple and unforgettable. You know how. You are the man who knows her the best, so you should know how to surprise her, in a simple manner. Maybe, you should pop the question at a romantic breakfast; or maybe you could leave her beautiful notes that will lead her to the engagement ring. Anything would be lovely and nice. All she wants to hear is that simple yet beautiful question: “Will you marry me?”

Romantic and surprising proposalCredit

Romantic and surprising proposal

So, keep in mind that everything should be romantic and surprising. Therefore, offer her the best moments in her life through a romantic and one of a kind wedding proposal. You will see that she will be happy no matter what and that she will definitely say “yes”.

Oh, and let’s not forget that in case you want this moment to be captured in some photographs, then you should have someone hiding with a camera, in order to take you pictures. These are wonderful, magnificent and unique moments in one’s life and therefore they should not pass unnoticeable.

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