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A Fun Trend For My Wedding Manicure

Posted in: Beauty on March 27, 2012
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It is crucial to have a beautiful manicure on a daily basis, but at your nuptials your wedding nails should be perfect. Because you want something new for all the aspects concerning your bridal look, we have found something that will surely please you and that will make you say “I do”, as far as the bridal manicure is concerned. This is something funny, yet elegant and as a result this will work perfectly for your wedding ceremony.

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But, we will cut the suspense and we will reveal you this beautiful nail trend. It is considered very popular nowadays to have one finger nail painted differently than the other nails.

A fun trend for my wedding manicureCredit

A fun trend for my wedding manicure

This puts emphasis on the importance of diversity and on the power of colors. Not to mention that if you will decide to go for this trend your whole image will achieve a sense of glamour and refinement.

I am sure that ladies who love colors will embrace this idea immediately. Well, good for them! This means that they are not afraid of new things and that they really desire to look distinguished and fabulous on their great wedding day. However, this is something that all ladies should try and then they will surely decide to keep it for their wedding ceremony.

Another thing that must be said is the fact that the finger nail that usually gets the different color is that belonging to the ring finger.

In this way, the bride manages to emphasize the beauty of her wedding ring, while exposing a nice and different appearance. It’s quite a great trick, especially because in this way ladies will be able to shine without spending lots of money on additional wedding accessories.

Also, this will help you match the different colors of your wedding ceremony, in an interesting manner. After all, colors show vividness and joy and this should be an important reason why every bride should exhibit this nail trend. This is something that would spice things up, especially in those situations when one feels that everything has started to get too serious. Add some funny effects at your bridal look and you will totally succeed in looking wonderful and flawless.

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