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Wedding Accessories To Make The Difference As A Groom

Posted in: Groom on July 18, 2011
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Picking the outfit of a groom seems a piece of cake, but sometimes you should not see things so simple and think that not only the bride has all eyes on her. For this matter, we suggest you to pay attention to the outfit of the groom and make him look as special as the bride is and he can do this through accessories that make the difference.

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There are multiple wedding accessories that a groom can apply for, starting from colored details and ending to the groom suit.

We were thinking that it would be a great idea to talk about the wedding accessories the groom can wear in order to make the difference and for this matter we think that you need to pay extreme attention to what you have on.

wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

So, the wedding shoes are between the key elements with which the groom can play with ease and make the difference with his look. If you did not organize the wedding reception on the sand, near the beach, then you need to wear a pair of shoes that make the difference. If we think well and seriously for such a location we have also some suggestions that you can keep in mind.

The black tie wedding will definitely need the use of a pair of oxford shoes and no matter what you do, do not opt for a pair of shoes without laces. These have become a standard accessory to any elegant outfit. Few are those who can afford wearing a pair of opera shoes, without laces and with a big bow. And as another basis rule, you should wear a pair of wedding shoes in a darker color, darker than the suit.

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

The bow tie has become more and more popular; it seems that lately grooms would rather apply for such a wedding accessory, then the classic tie. In the latest seasons more and more designers have chosen for their collection such a detail, in this way being creative in a special manner. The bow tie does not have to be designed in the classic black tone. He can have your color and personality, but in the same time it can keep the “official” tone of the event. Of course, the black bow tie remains the must have accessory in a wedding reception. If your wedding is going to be a chilling event, then you can definitely choose a bow tie that has a contrasting color with that of the suit or that has a special pattern or powerful colors.

These being said, we hope you make the most appropriate pick, even if we’re speaking about a black bow tie or one that is made in patterns – it’s only your decision.

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

The napkin placed in the front pocket…. This is another detail that makes the difference in the outfit og the groom. Sometimes such an accessory can turn out to be the main piece in the suit of a groom and it shouldn’t miss at all. For beginners, there are no simple rules in picking the napkin. First of all, do not opt for an identical pattern with that of the bow tie. You would better choose some of the complementary colors or that compose the ensemble of the bow tie.

We think that these three elements are essential in order for the groom to make the difference in a wedding. And if we come to think of it, we totally recommend you to take them into consideration, because you, as the groom, cannot remain somewhere in the “mist” – don’t offer all the credit to the bride. Indeed, she has to look gorgeous, but you’re also there as well and you can remain in the collective memory through these choices that were made.

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

Wedding accessories to make the difference as a groom

In other words, we recommend thinking clearly and taking into consideration the colored wedding accessories that can be worn in the big day, starting from a bow tie, a normal tie, and a handkerchief placed in the pocket or even the colored shoes.

The greatest manner to make the difference is picking a colorful handkerchief or a necktie – in both these options, you can use your imagination totally and we’re sure that you are going to end up the result you have always been dreaming of.

Let’s also add that another great idea is to apply for a flower placed on the chest or a cockade. We think this is a nice idea as well, but it depends on the personal taste, don’t you think so?

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