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Tips For Modern Wedding Cakes

Posted in: Cakes on June 29, 2011
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The moment of cutting the wedding cake seems to be the most expected in a wedding, all the attention is towards the newlyweds and of course, on the sweet piece that you have chosen for the big day. So, you have to make sure that your wedding cake looks gorgeous and memorable, so that your guests remain with a nice visual impression of this moment and not only.

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Cutting the wedding cake means in a way or another, the ending of the wedding reception, after this your guests will be served with a slice of cake and maybe dance a few songs after this.

tips for modern wedding cakesCredit

Tips for modern wedding cakes

Leaving this moment behind, let us focus on the wedding cake and express some ideas on how you can make the difference in our days with the pick of this gourmand accessory.

Personalizing the wedding cake

So, first of all, you have to know that personalized wedding cakes are the ones to make the difference. In these days, personalizing the wedding cake means to make the difference! Think of an expression that you two have in common, some lyrics of a song that reflect your personality and ask the baker to place these on the wedding cake, as a wedding cake topper or all around the surface of this sweet piece. This idea isn’t bad at all, you know? And on top of all, it’s really interesting and we’re sure that you haven’t found it in any other wedding receptions.

Bold colors for the wedding cake

You can express your ideas and words on the wedding cake throughout bold or bright colors. Say goodbye to the classic white wedding cake that was all about patterns and curved lines. In our days, it’s really in trend to make this accessory in strong colors, but which are complementary and also go with the rest of the details in the wedding reception.

The wedding cake toppers

Even if some of you do not like the idea of wedding cake toppers, we think that they are a really great idea to apply for, in the case in which you want something personalized. You have the possibility of picking the wedding cake toppers accordingly to how you look and your skin color and you choose them separately, so if you’re an African American couple you can pick the characters on top of the wedding cake in ebony color, but you might as well create an interesting combination if you are different.

Nowadays the wedding cake isn’t just the sweet piece that is cut for wishing good luck for the couple; they are not as they used to be: the loaf of bread that is cut to wish the two love birds’ good luck forever. The wedding cake has to be personalized and it has to express your personality in a way or another – through the use of the wedding cake toppers that we have just mentioned about or other ways….

A way is to apply for different new wedding cake accessories, such as pieces of jewelry or the monograms that show your names united on the upper side of your wedding cake.
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Using birds or other elements to indicate the love that you have for each other seems another delightful and interesting idea, don’t you think so? Just think of which are your favorite flowers and engage them on the wedding cake, using them all around or just here and there in order to create an interesting visual effect.

We consider that lines and shapes are other things that make the difference, so instead of applying for the classic round wedding cake that is made in several layers, how about taking into account new shapes, such as hexagons, square or similar shapes, which are only meant to make the difference.

Fine flower applications on the wedding cake will make it look outstanding and gorgeous if you ask us – the material from which these are made, this is another thing to make the difference don’t you think so? The more quality you add to the ingredients, the more you will be recalled by your guests through the pick that you have made for the bridal day at the wedding reception.

The flavor of your wedding cake has to also be a special thing as we just have mentioned. So, don’t go for the classic chocolate taste, as we think you are thinking about. Play with flavors; go for something that is new, refreshing, and tropical or an interesting mixture that will make your wedding guests wonder what have you applied for.

Also, another thing that we want to recall and will make your guests also fascinated: the wedding cake that is made of different textured layers, which means that on each part of the cake there will be other colors, motifs and shapes used….

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