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Things You Should Know About Your Bridesmaids' Bouquets And Dresses

Posted in: Bridesmaid on October 20, 2011
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If you will be taking care of your bridesmaids’ outfit, then you surely are focusing on finding their right bouquet that will perfectly match with their beautiful dresses. And since you really want to add a splash of colour to your wedding, you no longer know how to combine the colours, so that you won’t end up with something gaudy and too over the top.

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Well, we are going to offer you good news that you most certainly you weren’t aware of. My dear brides, it turns out that it isn’t mandatory that all the colours existent in the wedding bouquets to match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Things you should know about your bridesmaids' bouquets and dressesCredit

Bridesmaid bouquet

Imagine how it will look like if you would coordinate and match a wedding bouquet, having seven different shades, with the bridesmaids’ dresses. My guess is that it would rather look like a soup bowl.

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Bridesmaid bouquet

If you have a certain colour in mind, which you wish to emphasize at your ceremony, then our advice would be to use this colour more predominantly in the flower bouquets and also to choose this colour for your bridesmaids’ dresses. And, your second favourite colour will be used to accessorize these dresses, in the shape of a colourful sash, belt or ribbon. Whatever pleases you will go, as long as the colours won’t clash.

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Bridesmaid bouquet

The point is that when it comes to colours there are many wonderful choices. For example it would look really good if you would combine orange and fuchsia, combination which is very popular and trendy these days. Therefore, explore more and play with colors until you will find the right option for your wedding ceremony.

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Bridesmaid bouquet

Therefore, our advice would be to add a bit of colour to your wedding, in order to escape the effect of monotony, given by the black and white weddings. Life is full of colour, so you should really express this at your nuptials, in order to have a more realistic touch.

All in all, create a colourful wedding décor, by wisely coordinating the colours of your bridesmaids’ bouquets with their dresses. You will see that this will look fantastic in your wedding pictures and that vivid touch will really impress.

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