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Stiletto Nails At My Wedding Ceremony

Posted in: Beauty on March 2, 2012
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Because your wedding ceremony will be held soon, you are starting to worry about every aspect of your bridal look. In the following lines, we would like to give a special attention to the bridal manicure and especially to a certain type of nail style. If we made you curious, you will soon see what this is about and maybe you will try this for your special ceremony.

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Lately a lot of singers, such as Katy Perry, Adele, Beyonce and so on have promoted the stiletto nails. This style implies that the nails would have the aspect of a claw, i.e. they are very long and sharp. They could be very feminine, but if one exaggerates with the length then the aspect may be compromised. Therefore, if you are interested in something like this you should be very careful. Also, here is something you could use, in order to get the stiletto nails look à la Fergie, Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

Stiletto nails at my wedding ceremonyCredit

Stiletto nails at my wedding ceremony

Keep in mind that in order to get a soft and gentle look, it is advisable to have a moderate length of nails, and in this way you will surely look fantastic on your wedding day. Everybody knows that it is best for a bride to show a natural look in this important day, therefore, you will have to do your best, so that the result will please you completely.

Stiletto nails at my wedding ceremonyCredit

Stiletto nails at my wedding ceremony

Even if at first this might strike you as inappropriate and too flashy, you will later realize that this is actually a great way of exposing your beauty and of styling your nails. Nevertheless, you should have this done by a professional, in order to be sure that the final image will be the perfect one. You are aware of the importance of your wedding day, so you know that nothing should be done randomly.

Stiletto nails at my wedding ceremonyCredit

Stiletto nails at my wedding ceremony

In the end you should take a look at your favorite singers’ manicure and you should pick the style you like and prefer. Also, try to find the best color, in order to expose a perfect match; our suggestion is to go for something natural: a nude, white or ivory shade and thus your wedding look will be perfect. So, take care of your hands and nails because they have a lot to say about a person.

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