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Steps In Realizing Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Posted in: Flowers on August 19, 2011
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No matter how the bridal bouquet is acquired, even if it’s made with your own hands or you purchase it from the flower shop, it shouldn’t miss from the most important day. It’s considered to be an element that shouldn’t be missing from the hands of the bride as she walks on the aisle or as she tosses it towards the rest of the unmarried girls…. It’s an emblematic detail, which we’re sure you’re already thinking of and how it should look like.

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Bridal bouquet

So, this accessory that shouldn’t be absent from the bridal day, the wedding bouquet is considered to be an essential part of the look of a bride. Picking it with attention, its colors and all the elements, these are considered to be a detail that makes the look of the bride complete. In the following lines, we’re going to try to offer some suggestions on how you can create such a wedding flower arrangement and in this manner you’re going to know whether or not you’re willing to make it in your own hands and end up with an interesting bridal look.
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Here’s a manner in which you can totally realize the bridal bouquet and make it look great and a part of your entire look:

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Bridal bouquet

You need to take a really thick book and measure it with the help of a ribbon or a piece of lace or satin. The element that you need to realize is like a band and it should create the perfect space for creating the bridal bouquet.

The next step is to knit the band and cut flowers out of lace, of which length should be between four or five centimeters, placing these around a piece of wire, metallic wire if it’s possible.

The other thing that you need to do is to place the flowers together, in such a manner as to wrap them with this band.

Place the flowers and stems in the same spot, in such a manner as to create an oversize for the wedding flower arrangement.

Cut a piece of ribbon that isn’t more than 20cm long, making a knot in the middle. Make sure that you have about two meters of ribbon and you realize about 16 waves. Then you need to measure a piece of ribbon in about 20 centimeters, wrapping it around the book and tying it the book.

Place the flower arrangements on the superior side of the book, covering the ribbon. Place a piece of lace on the centerpiece of the wedding flower arrangement, realizing a knot from the ribbon in the back side, in order to fix the plants!

And there you go! You have made your own bridal bouquet!

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