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Nicole Miller Wedding Dresses

Posted in: Dresses on February 24, 2011
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Nicole Miller … What can you tell me about this woman? Nothing much, I guess. Sounds like a common name, right? Well, I assure you that this name is anything ordinary!

Nicole Miller is an American designer, having a simple but sophisticated style at the same time. Everything she creates is amazing. Her ideas for clothes are very feminine and refined, matching a wide range of tastes.

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If you are looking for haute-couture, then a dress by Nicole Miller is something you should skip, because Nicole Miller doesn’t do that. What else is good about her style? Well, everything she creates you can wear. She is not the type of designer that creates clothes only for the fashion platforms. They are available for both celebrities and regular costumers.

Nicole Miller Wedding Dress

Nicole Miller wedding dress

Nicole Miller wedding dresses are very simple. Most of them are straight and long, with no flounces and crinoline. Her dresses follow the curves of the bride’s body, highlighting what every woman has special and beautiful. Nicole Miller knows very well how to do that. Her wedding dresses are pretty expensive, but buying a dress made by Nicole Miller and wearing it on your wedding day will surely make you feel special and you will turn heads.

Whatever you choose, be it a sheath dress, surplice dress, warp dress sundress, maxi dress and so on and so forth, you will feel amazing in a Nicole Miller wedding dress. The materials she uses are most of the time are organza, chiffon and satin. But she doesn’t stop here, who knows what else she will use in the future? In the upper side of the dress, the American designer uses straps, which can be thin or thick or corsets.

Nicole Miller wedding dress

Nicole Miller wedding dress

Most of the dresses that Nicole Miller creates are made without embroidery, again this being related to the simple yet sophisticated style of this amazing designer! It is a mystery and a great talent at the same time for a person to create something haute-couture opposite, and be so careful with the details, so that the result will shock you in its beautiful simplicity.

Nicole Miller wedding dress

Nicole Miller wedding dress

Nicole Miller wedding dresses are best suited for romantic brides, for those of you out there that don’t want a heavy and complicated or over-elegant dress to wear on your wedding day. You should picture the wedding dresses that Nicole Miller designs just like a day of spring bathed in a soft morning light, covered in a perfume of a lily of the valley. Yes, it is a metaphor and I hope you can get the idea, because I don’t think that you can get a better image of a dress made by her better than this.

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