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Ideas For Bridal Shower Gifts

Posted in: Gifts on May 25, 2011
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Bridal showers are an important step in the bride’s future life. However, with a bit of creativity and good disposition, they can be extremely fun experiences. It is a tradition for the bridesmaids to buy gifts for the future bride. If you are a bridesmaid and you have doubts about your options, we are here to give you some useful suggestions.

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As a bridesmaid and the bride’s friend, you could let yourself carried away and give the future bride a plastic oversized engagement ring. This gift will make all the guests burst into laughter and will definitely increase the good mood. Besides, your friend will take very much pride in her new piece of fake jewelry.

bridal shower giftsCredit

Bridal shower gift

Every bride needs to feel like a princess. Since you are a bridesmaid, you could make her wish come true and purchase a delightful tiara that will be your bridal shower gift. If you want to make the situation even more fun, choose the biggest and the most sparkly bride-to-be tiara. If it is accompanied by a wedding veil as well, this gift will be the star of the day.

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Bridal shower gift

Another interesting bridal shower present would be a T-shirt or a tank top with personality. Messages related to weddings or brides are better seen if they are imprinted on clothes. You can find such items of clothing with the words already imprinted, or you can be original and think about the message yourself.

Bridal shower giftCredit

Bridal shower gift

The wedding is indeed the most important day in a woman’s life. But the honeymoon is the sequel. Any bride needs to include in her honeymoon kit some important items like the bedroom desert book. This is a very unique gift that will help your friend make her and her husband’s vacation as sweet as the honey. The book contains many desert recipes that will lay some sugar on the newlywed couple’s days.

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Bridal shower gift

During their honeymoon, the couple will have many romantic nights where candles, whine and bubble baths in particular are going to be included. Your bridal shower gift will prove to be very helpful if you choose sweet scented bubbles. Scents of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla go perfectly with red lights, relaxing music and a lot of love or in more simple words, a romantic atmosphere.

Bridal shower giftCredit

Bridal shower gift

If you feel that none of our suggestions fit your ideas so far, you could opt for a more personalized gift and make a wedding video that will represent the remember moment at your friend’s wedding.

You could attach both funny and sweet pictures of the bride and the groom to the video. We are sure that your present will be remembered by everyone.

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