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How To Pick Your Bridal Makeup Correctly

Posted in: Beauty on July 13, 2011
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The bridal makeup that you decide to “wear” in that fantastic day isn’t such an easy pick and you know this matter pretty well. Besides the fact that you have to choose something that is appropriate for your own style and way of looking, you have to make sure it’s a part of the general theme of your wedding reception and the other picks that you have made. The exact elements by which you have to guide yourself will be presented in the further lines and we’re certain that you are going to find them useful!

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So, you have found the dream bridal gown, all that remains to be made in order to look spectacular is to offer yourself that special glow. This is why you have to think seriously whenever it comes to the makeup style that will be adopted in the bridal day. Now that we have emphasized these things, here are some ideas that you might find useful enough!

how to pick your bridal makeup correctlyCredit

How to pick your bridal makeup correctly

First of all, think of the general atmosphere of your wedding reception….

Think where will the wedding reception take place and in this manner you will know for sure towards which frontiers the bridal makeup is heading. Is it going to take place in a ballroom or on a more deserted beach? Is it a simple party, similar to a cocktail that takes place in a fancy salon? Well, certainly this asks for a more glamorous makeup style. Whereas a casual bride can get rid of the stress of the bridal makeup through a simple way of looking with a simple gloss and a little bit of glowing powder….

There’s also the matter of making sure you please your fiancé!

Remember, you are not going to look fabulous in your bridal day and forget totally about the future husband. By this, we mean that you have to match in style with your half and in the same time ask him what he would like you to look like in the big day. So, show him your intentions of the bridal makeup you intend on “wearing” in the big day and ask him if he is totally enchanted of your pick. Does he like it when you put a daring red lipstick or does he prefer you looking more natural, without any kind of makeup on? You can even ask him how he sees you looking like in the bridal day. After all, this big event is for both of you and this means you have to feel great together!

How to pick your bridal makeup correctlyCredit

How to pick your bridal makeup correctly

Besides all of these, there’s also the matter of the period of the year and the season

Are you going to have a winter or summer wedding? If it’s in the middle of winter you can obtain a really interesting look with the help of a matte looking powder and a dark tone of purple on the lips. This kind of bridal makeup is in direct proportion with the cold weather from outside, but in the same time for some it can see kind of sober. If the event takes in the middle of summer, then you have to make sure that the makeup style is appropriate for the temperatures and really resistant in the same time. In addition, you would want to have a lighter bridal makeup, without dark tones, because brighter tones seem more suitable for such an event and especially if it takes place during the summer.

How to pick your bridal makeup correctlyCredit

How to pick your bridal makeup correctly

In case you really do not have an idea concerning what you should have on in the big day, then observe yourself in a normal day, when you use extra makeup products and you declare yourself looking “fancy”.

So, you have to observe with attention your makeup customs. Do you usually pick daring tones on the lips or for the smoky eyes makeup? If normally you like expressive eyes, then maintain the nuance, but go even further through the se of fake eye lashes and luscious lips. It’s important that when you go towards the altar you feel comfortable in your skin and look like the person that your guests are accustomed to.

No matter you pick for bridal makeup, you have to ensure that you take our pieces of advice into account and that the final pick doesn’t make you look unrecognizable, as we just mentioned in the previous lines. We wish you all the luck in the world and maybe talking with a professional person, he or she can really do a great job with suggestions.

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