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Have A Wedding Brunch Instead Of The Rehearsal Dinner

Posted in: General Info on October 13, 2011
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Tradition says that there must be a rehearsal of the wedding, followed by the rehearsal dinner. But, if you (the bride and the groom) desire to skip this tradition of dinner rehearsal and want to host instead a brunch the following day, then you are very welcomed to do so. Besides of the fact that you will do something modern, you will also add a fresh touch to your wedding ceremony, therefore we strongly encourage you to hold a wedding brunch.

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The first detail you will have to decide is: who will hold this meeting? It could be either the groom’ or the bride’s parents, because nowadays it doesn’t matter who pay for what.

Have a wedding brunch instead of the rehearsal dinnerCredit

Have a wedding brunch instead of the rehearsal dinner

Also, if this cost will be too high for only one couple than the brides’ and the groom’s parents could split the costs. Thus, they will show that they are a united family, perfectly able to share some expenses. However, if the parents do not have sufficient many, or if they would pay for other services, then the brie and the groom could plan and pay for this brunch.

Another detail that you must clarify is whether you will have a rehearsal or not. To be frank we strongly believe that you should not skip this moment, because in this way everyone will know what his / her responsibilities are and thus, everything will look perfect at the wedding.

Have a wedding brunch instead of the rehearsal dinnerCredit

Have a wedding brunch instead of the rehearsal dinner

However, if you will have this moment of the rehearsal of the wedding, then you should give a meal to those coming to this special moment, in order to help you. It doesn’t have to be something fancy. You can even call them at your place and have some pizza. After all, the real “dinner” has transformed into a brunch, therefore they will be more than happy to have a pizza with you.

And last but not least, you should know that you shouldn’t invite many people at your brunch. The closest friends and some members of the family will be enough for this get together brunch.

These being said we wish you good luck in planning your wedding brunch!

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