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Four Seasons In Your Bridal Bouquet

Posted in: Flowers on June 1, 2011
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The bridal bouquet is an important element for your wedding look. It complements your wedding dress and the delicacy and beauty of the flowers make you look even more fresh and feminine. In the past, women preferred to have white flowers in their wedding bouquet for the simple fact that white is a symbol for purity and virginity. Nowadays, however, colored flowers are also used due to the color and joy they bring, especially if the wedding dress is white. A marvelous idea would be for you to have your wedding flower bouquet made according to the season you choose to have your wedding in. We are going to help you with a few suggestions, so that you can take the best decision.

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Spring is the season when nature comes back to life. Every one of us enjoys a beautiful spring day, filled with enchanting flower scents and amazing pastel colors. You can bring this pleasant atmosphere during your wedding day by having a bridal bouquet made up of spring flowers.

bridal bouquetCredit

Bridal bouquet

Hyacinths, orchids, tulips, jasmine, lilies…are just a few examples of flowers you could opt for. For even more effect, you can choose these flowers as your wedding venue decorations. We can assure you that you, the groom and your guests will have an amazing day in paradise.

If you are having your wedding during the summer, it is the perfect occasion to shine and bring those wonderful rays of sun to your wedding. A cascade of beaded florets, cymbidium orchids, bupleurum, gloriosa lilies and lady’s mantle are just a few examples of flowers that add up to the glamour your wedding look will spread.

Bridal bouquetCredit

Bridal bouquet

It is well known that autumn is the most colorful season of the year. Shades of gold, brown, green, yellow and red prevail and make this season one of nature’s most beautiful wonders. Your bridal flower bouquet could reflect this autumn mix in an unconventional, yet superb way, if you combine yellow and chocolate brown sunflowers, deep Black Magic roses and orange dahlias that complete the mirage.

Bridal bouquetCredit

Bridal bouquet

If you imagine a bride on a sparkly white ground, surrounded by trees that bend under the snow’s burden, you will get a fairytale setting. Even if the entire nature seems dead, you should bring it back to life by having an amazing wedding bouquet. Even if the pomander is usually carried by flower girls, it is most appropriate for the bride as well. In this picture, the flowers used are hydrangea which brings softness and delicacy to your wedding look.

Bridal bouquetCredit

Bridal bouquet

The season in which you choose to tie the knot is not as important as the way you look at the wedding. The bridal bouquet will help you create the amazing atmosphere any bride wishes to have during the most important day of her life.

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