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Focusing On A Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

Posted in: Cakes on April 12, 2011
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Looking for a special design for your wedding cake? You have a lot of options to choose from and you are dazzled and you don’t know which one would be the best for your wedding ceremony? You don’t want a traditional wedding cake but not a too modern one either? Then your choice should focus on a heart shaped wedding cake.

Heart Shaped Wedding CakesSource

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

This type of wedding cake always does the trick. It is simple and yet not too simple. The symbol of the heart is one of the most appropriate to be used in weddings, due to its symbolism known to everybody and in any case related to love and passion. Also, a wedding cake designed like this is very romantic and would suit any kind of wedding, whether it is posh and eccentric or simple and nice.

A heart shaped wedding cake is not hard to do. You can even do it yourself. You need to buy the special heart shaped tins and get a good wedding cake recipe and that’s about that. The decorations and other optional designs can be anything you want. Choose a good frosting too and everything will be ready in no time!

Heart Shaped Wedding CakesSource

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

If you want to order a heart shaped wedding cake from a confectioners’, you need to tell the confectioners there what exactly you want from your wedding cake. They are culinary artists most of the time and they are able to make for you all sorts of decorations for the heart shaped wedding cake. You can have this type of wedding cake with any frosting color you want.

Heart Shaped Wedding CakesSource

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

You can also adapt the theme of your wedding to the heart shaped wedding cake, because this design and shape is not pretentious and can be decorated with anything to match the theme you chose for the wedding. You can also have the heart shaped wedding cake in one tier or more, but usually customers have it in three tiers. That should be enough for about 100 guests at the wedding.
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