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Bridal Makeup Looks

Posted in: Beauty on May 3, 2011
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Being a bride is the perfect occasion to look amazing. Every woman is the star of her wedding day, so she has to be the embodiment of beauty and for this, makeup plays one of the most important roles.

When applying your bridal makeup, you have to take in account many elements, such as the shape of your face, color of your eyes, hair etc. Since your face is the most expressive part of your body, you have to highlight the beautiful features and hide those little flaws we all have to deal with.

Bridal makeup lookCredit

Bridal makeup look

If you have brown eyes, you’re a lucky woman, since there is almost no restriction as far as colors are concerned. For blue and green eyes, however, the situation becomes a bit more difficult, but there is no need to worry. If your eyes are blue, the shades that will make them really pop are brown, pink, which are rather warm colors, but also shades of gray. That will make your eyes even bluer. For green eyes, the most appropriate are purple shades, but also brown.
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If your choice is a natural bridal look, you could give up the liquid eyeliner, or use just a soft creamy liner, which will only create a subtle shade and it doesn’t necessarily have to be black. For a more dramatic look, a cat-like shape and false lashes or a thick layer of mascara would definitely impress everyone.

Bridal makeup lookCredit

Bridal makeup look

As far as your lips are concerned, it is advisable to use nude colors or just lipgloss if you’ve chosen to highlight your eyes, or a dark colored lipstick if you want your lips to be the main attraction.

Your bridal look would not be complete, however, without the foundation and the blush. Don’t stray too far from your natural skin tone when applying your foundation.

Bridal makeup lookCredit

Bridal makeup look

If you want your skin to be darker for your wedding day, just get a natural or fake tan, but even in this case, you need to stay as close as you can to your natural skin color. Another important aspect is defining your cheekbones and for this you could use a pink or peachy blush if you have a fair skin, or you could choose a brown-shaded tone if your skin is darker.

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