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Art In Wedding Cakes By Philly

Posted in: Cakes on June 18, 2011
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Everyone loves cakes. As adults, we all enjoy the delicious taste of a cake that reminds us of how our grandmother or mother used to spoil us when we were little kids. When we are sad, a piece of that sweetness can uplift our moral and make us see life in a different perspective. When we are happy, cake is a way of celebrating our joy. There are many meanings we can attribute to it. That is why eating the cake is one of the favorite moments in a wedding. Their sweetness, along with the happiness the event brings, make a wedding day the most magical moment in our lives.

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The Philadelphia Whipped Bakeshop, apart from making some of the most delicious wedding cakes you will ever taste, it is also renowned for the spectacular designs it creates. Zoe Lukas, the owner of the cake shop, is one of the most skilled pastry artists, as she has a degree in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art. So she actually brings art to any wedding cake.

Art in wedding cakes by PhillyCredit

Wedding cake

A glamorous wedding should come with an amazing wedding cake. This task is wonderfully fulfilled by the Art Deco design. It cannot get more amazing than this, I can assure you. This cake doesn’t even look like it is made out of whipped cream. The details are perfectly embedded and the feathers on top of it add up to its classic touch.

wedding cakesCredit

Wedding cake

Are you looking for beauty in its purest form? The next wedding cake is the ultimate expression of professionalism and art at the same time. The flowers that embellish it are absolutely amazing and their perfection is enhanced by the little details that Zoe pays close attention to. This wedding cake only leaves room for applause and admiration.

wedding cakesCredit

Wedding cake

No one had ever imagined that chocolate could be transformed into an artistic expression until they saw this Woodland chocolate cake. It fits an outdoor wedding like a glove. It also brings the magic nature has to offer through the mushrooms made out of whipped cream and the wood details that seem unbelievably real. This wedding cake will definitely bring the freshness of a forest to your wedding.

wedding cakesCredit

Wedding cake

Last, but not least, there is the Gold Band wedding cake. When I first saw the cake, I was absolutely speechless and I am certain your guests will have the same reaction. It requires tremendous effort, but the result is fantastic. You might find it unbelievable, but those little flowers are actually edible and they are all manually made. The gold band makes this wedding cake fit for a royal wedding.

Wedding cakesCredit

Wedding cake

When it comes to wedding cakes, Zoe Lukas’s Whipped Bakeshop is without saying the wisest choice. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in contacting her.

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